Technical support script is provided by Support Forum, as well as E-Mail. As the income of your questions, we try to answer all your questions, but due to the large number of visitors, this is not always possible. Therefore introduced an additional service fee support script. The cost of this service is optional 19 $ one-off for the duration of the license.

Services for additional support script include:

1. Priority receive an answer to questions in the competence of the support.

2. Also you get a one-time opportunity to install the script on your server, including setting it up to full operation in view of current server settings).

3. You will receive consultancy support to work with the structure of the script, for example, you have the desire to add small changes to the script for more convenient work for you, you can save time on finding the correct piece of code just ask us. You will be given advice where to dig and how generally better to implement the task. (Note we do not write additional modules for you, but only help you better understand the structure of the script, so always ask questions, in fact, questions like: "how can I get this chi" may be ignored by customer support).

4. Another of the common problems is incorrect updating of the script, for example during the update failed server, part of the new data was entered into the database and configuration, some not, eventually you get a non-working script with all the consequences. In this case, you will be held manual correction of the damaged database structure.

In case you are not subscribed to additional support services, your questions can be ignored and unanswered.

Best regards,

SoftNews Media Group