Dear webmaster want for you to make a small addition. Before turning to any question in our support script, make sure that you carefully read the documentation on the script and did not find it necessary for you to answer. We reserve the right to ignore the issues received by us from users using a non-commercial version of the script or not paid for extra support. You can also pay no full-service, and partly depending on what you need. Fees for the provision of certain services:

- Total cost of the license is: 59$. In this price includes free production of new versions of the script within one year, as well as permit the removal of copyrights and links to the engine and our sites with a user of the script.

If you want to quickly get qualified answers to your questions and get help to solve the problems, then you can order the additional paid support service. The subscription price amounts to an additional 19$ to the above services, this amount also includes one-time installation script on your server, and debug it to working condition.

License is valid for 1 year, during which you will receive free all subsequent versions of the script and update. After the expiration of the license, you can either use it to extend the lifetime up to date at that time version of the script.

If you prefer, you can purchase an unlimited duration of the license, which has no time limitation on the number of actions and to obtain new versions of the script, in other words, all new version of the script will be free. The cost of this license is 156$.

How to pay for a script you can read on

Note that licenses are issued only one domain (the project) and can not be used on other sites, but also prohibited the transfer of your license file to others.

Best regards,

SoftNews Media Group